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申捷餐饮设立无公害绿色食品净菜加工中心,烹饪料理中心(含多功能机械自动蒸、煮、炸、烤、 炒等设施、全自动多功能的米饭炊制流水线,可日供 2 万份营养午餐)、营养配膳包装中心(含标准化 无菌桶装、盒装、袋装、保温热链包装等)、餐具炊具清洗消毒保洁中心(含全自动高温杀菌、数码微 波杀菌、紫外线杀菌、远红外杀菌烘干等高端设备)、公司基地占地 10000 平方米按国际食品生产企 业的标准,全封闭的净化中央厨房并配套学校营养午餐项目的运营管理中心。

Shenjie Catering set up a pollution-free green food clean vegetable processing center, cooking food center (including multifunctional mechanical automatic steamed, boiled, Fried, roasted, Fried, etc facilities, fully automatic multi-function rice for cooking system assembly line, can day for 20000 nutritious lunch), nutrition matching board packaging center (including standardized sterile bottled, boxed, bagged, heat preservation heat chain packing and so on), cookers, cleaning and disinfection tableware cleaning center (including automatic high-temperature sterilization, digital microwave sterilization, ultraviolet disinfection sterilization, far infrared drying and other high-end equipment) base covers an area of 10000 square meters, the company according to international standards of food production enterprises, fully enclosed purification of central kitchen and form a complete set of school nutritious lunch project operation management center.

Shenjie has the backing of the rest assured food base of green environmental protection

Based on green food production base

With the central kitchen as the core

以 Resdy to Cook、Ready to Eat 和 Ready to Eat Service 为配餐服务主要产品
With Resdy to Cook, Ready to Eat and Ready to Eat Service for catering Service products

Provide catering and service for enterprises, schools, communities and government agencies

Safe, hygienic, nutritious and fast

Restaurant Trustship

针对产业聚集的现代经济园区,为了满足数以千计的顾客在规定时间内的餐饮服务供应,公司创新供应模式, 引入社会化美食广场经营理念,做到供餐服务高效、舒适、愉悦、美味 ……


For the modern economic park with industrial clusters, in order to meet the catering service supply of thousands of customers within the specified time, the company innovated the supply mode, introduced the business concept of social Food Plaza, and achieved efficient, comfortable, pleasant and delicious catering services……

The outstanding performance of the company’s core business and market advantages, with the advanced kitchen management and restaurant service concept, the company introduced the star hotel catering and social popular catering business concept into the company’s operation, and carried out subversive prominence and innovation on the operation and management of institutional restaurants.

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