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  • 投入一流的管理团队、专业技术和资金
    Invest first-class management team, professional technology and capital
  • 客服管理
    The management of the service
  • 科学规划生产场地
    Scientific planning of production sites
  • 设置先进的多媒体信息发布系统
    Set up advanced multimedia information publishing system
  • 建立营养健康档案
    Establish nutrition and health records
  • 创新管理流程
    Innovation management process

申捷营养餐开创了稳定的菜肴质量、高水准的服务,得到了社会各界一致高度评价,申捷营养餐具有以下优势 :

申捷营养餐一贯坚持和追求“绿色原料、工业化研发、规模化生产、快捷化专业化服务”的大规模供餐理念, 为客户提供“安全、卫生、营养、快捷、标准”的高品质餐饮服务

拥有各大菜系的烹饪能手任首席技术总监,专业研究菜肴原料、烹饪工艺、口味创新。 3、营养健康管理优势 聘任复旦大学博士生导师、上海体育学院康复营养学教授作为首席餐饮营养顾问,采用完善的营养菜单软件系统,对各类快餐进行科学合理的营养配比规划,完全根据现代人的营养需求进行有针对性的设计,为不同 的客户群都能提供健康、营养、高品质的合理膳食和健康管理。


Shenjie nutritious food has created a stable quality of dishes and a high level of service, which has been highly evaluated by all sectors of society. Shenjie nutritious food has the following advantages:

1. Advantages of technical management
Shenjie nutrition food has always adhered to and pursued the concept of “green raw materials, industrial research and development, large-scale production, rapid and professional service” for large-scale food supply concept, to provide customers with “safety, health, nutrition, fast, standard” high quality food service

2. kitchen cooking advantages
With the cooking experts of various major cuisines as the chief technical director, specializing in the research of dishes raw materials, cooking technology, taste innovation.

3. Advantages of nutrition and health management
Employment of fudan university doctoral tutor, the Shanghai sports institute rehabilitation, professor of nutrition as chief food nutrition consultant, with perfect nutrition menu software system, for all kinds of fast food to design scientific and reasonable nutrition proportion, completely targeted according to the requirements of modern design, for different customers can provide health, nutrition, high-quality dietary and health management.

4. Advantages of quantitative standards
On the basis of Chinese style cook, use the mode of quantitative, industrialization to undertake normative production, every meal has unified standard.

由高级烹饪技师、高级营养师组成的研发部,成功研制开发各类团膳供应菜单 600 多套,上千种美味饮食产品,广泛适应社会个阶层消费群体的饮食需求 ……

Composed of cooking senior technician, senior nutritionist research and development department, the successful research and development of all kinds of meals service supply food list more than 600 sets, thousands of delicious food products, widely to meet the needs of social consumer groups class diet…

申捷的卓越服务始终坚持与客户的需求一致 :创新和大胆的选择、可衡量的效率和可靠性。

Shenjie’s excellent service has always been consistent with the needs of customers: innovation and bold choice, measurable efficiency and reliability.


Cooking is passion, craft and experience. Chefs use their own ideas to turn raw materials into delicious dishes. The personality and creativity of the chef are the basis of all kinds of delicious food in the world.

企业的核心技术团队人才来自高校后勤和行业餐饮管理的资深人才。公司并具备对智能化 中央厨房的设计、设备布局、人员培训、菜单制作、数据分析和管理制度建设、生产流程设计、 品控检测等专业培训指导。
The core technical team talent from universities catering management industry logistics and senior talents. Company and the design of intelligent central kitchen, equipment layout, personnel training, menu, data analysis and management system construction, production process design, quality control testing and other professional training guidance.
Quality first, reputation first, management, services for honesty.
Quality is the weight of the trust, is a key competition winner, is the pursuit of endless, the starting point of value and dignity.
The service is supreme, the pursuit of excellence.
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