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Professional food safety quality control

申捷食品安全生产与质量保障管理体系是 十分完善的,聘请了国内资深专家,遵守国际 认可食品卫生标准为企业提供协助及意见,申 捷各种业务程序执行各项国际认可的食品安全 标准(如 HACCP,ISE14000,IS09000 等)。

Shenjie’s food safety production and quality assurance management system is very perfect. It employs domestic senior experts to comply with internationally recognized food hygiene standards and provide assistance and advice to enterprises. Various business procedures of Shenjie implement internationally recognized food safety standards (such as HACCP, ise14000, IS09000, etc.).

公司按照国家标准,配置功能齐全的食品卫 生化验室,设置专职化验部门,同时聘请独立的 第三方——专业卫生监察机构,督查各项卫生标 准与规范。

According to the national standards, the company configures a fully functional food hygiene laboratory and sets up a full- time laboratory. At the same time, it employs an independent third-party professional health supervision organization to supervise various health standards and norms.

Nutritional analysis

公司按照国家标准,配置功能齐全的食品卫生化验室,设置 专职化验部门,同时聘请独立的第三方 —- 专业卫生监督机构, 督查各项卫生标准与规范。

项安心品质 + 超值额外放心保障
1 安心食品 尊重阳光与土地的自然产出,杜绝抗生素、重金属、农残超标。
2 安心营养 专注每日膳食营养均衡,中外营养师参与菜品研发。
3 安心健康 健康无忧自然安心,生产环节无菌操作、先进保鲜封装。
4 安心品质 生产实时监控,品质安全全程可追溯。
5 安心自然 坚持一切的美好均源于自然的产出
6 安心信赖 源自十几年的坚持,品质值得信赖。

Health supervision
According to the national standard, the allocation of functional food hygiene laboratory, set up professional testing department, at the same time retain independent third party, professional health supervision agency, supervision of various health standards and specifications.

Food safety controls
We use the perfect quality control system, allowing you to eat more at ease!
Quality + overflow additional ease security
1 comfort food
Respect for the sun and land natural output, put an end to antibiotics, heavy metals, pesticide residues.
2 at ease nutrition
Focus on daily meal nutrition balance, the Chinese and foreign nutritionist in food research and development.
3 set his mind at to health
Healthy safe natural ease, sterile operation, advanced fresh-keeping packaging production.
4 reassuring quality
Real-time monitoring, quality safety traceability.
5 set his mind at to natural
Adhere to all the good is the result of natural production
Can rely on 6
From more than ten years of persistence, the quality is trustworthy.

Wind shower room

阻止外界污染和未被净化的空气进入洁净区域。 杜绝工作人员将头发,灰尘、细菌带入车间,达到工 作场地严格的无尘净化标准。

Prevent external pollution and unpurified air from entering clean areas. Prevent staff from bringing hair, dust and bacteria into the workshop to meet the strict dust-free purification standards of the workplace.

公司已投资上千万建立申捷智能化、现代化大厨房。基地设立无公害绿色食品净菜加工中心(含智 能化冷冻冷藏设施、自动化清洗切配设施、标准化物流仓储系统)、烹饪料理中心(含多功能机械自动蒸、 煮、炸、烤、炒等设施、全自动多功能的米饭炊制流水线。

The company has invested tens of millions of dollars to establish Shenjie intelligent, modern large kitchen. The base has set up a pollution-free green food clean vegetable processing center (including intelligent refrigeration and refrigeration facilities, automatic cleaning and cutting facilities, standardized logistics and warehousing system), cooking and cooking center (including multi-functional mechanical automatic steaming, boiling, frying, roasting, frying and other facilities, and automatic multi-functional rice cooking assembly line.

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